The Secret of Living Rent Free

How To Live Without Paying Rent

How to live without paying rent is something that everyone has considered at some point or another. Affordable housing is difficult to come by because of the constant inflation rate and the horrible way some landlords behave.

Cutting out rent or a mortgage could save people millions of dollars over the years and allow them the financial freedom they seek in order to find that happiness they desire from the day they are born.

Subsidized housing is rarely an option because the only way to get that is to be basically poor and you spend a long time on the waiting list after your application is approved if it’s approved. Free housing isn’t just relegated to subsidized housing though.

There are options if you know where to look. Now obviously not every option is an option for everyone. There are numerous options and we’re going to look at a few and you can decide what is best for you.

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Apartment Maintenance

Most people who live in a city have lived in an apartment at some point or another so they know that the company that owns the apartments maintains the apartments.

The maintenance crews can be very quick to respond and very good at their job. One of the ways they have such great speed to respond to maintenance issues is that they live on grounds. A lot of apartment complexes require their maintenance crew, or at least part of them, to live in the building or on the grounds.

This can result in cheap or even free rent for these workers and that saves them a ton of money. They aren’t the best paid, but they certainly benefit from a rent-free life. If you have experience or certifications in HVAC, plumbing, etc, consider a job as an apartment maintainer.

Apartment Manager

These are the ones who run the apartment complex and they can benefit greatly. If you have any experience in real estate or finance take advantage of this and run an apartment complex.

You can rent the unit for a greatly reduced rate or even free in some places. A free apartment is hard to come by but if you can get a free apartment and be the highest paid employee at a complex then take advantage of it.

Live-in Housekeeper

The live-in housekeeper isn’t the most glamorous or high paid job out there, but it would be a great option if you want to figure out a way of how to live without paying rent.

This can be a temporary option for you if you know how to clean very well and you need to live rent-free. You will absolutely need to put together good references and clearly state the hours you can work before hand.

Dorm Supervisor/RA

This is a little more exclusive as you usually have to be a college student to fulfill the role of RA or Dorm Supervisor. Some colleges don’t require the person be a student always and it’s a nice option for colleges to keep an eye on rambunctious kids who go to college to party instead of learning.

Most times, Dorm Supervisors are given their own place to stay. This option is viable more so for fairly young adults who don’t mind loud noise and being around party animals frequently. Sometimes it’s worth it to some people as long as they get to live rent-free.

Live-in Nanny

This is an option that has been popularized more and more as babysitters have started to fade in popularity. A live-in nanny is there when you need them for your children, but can you do it? If you’re a young woman with no kids, you could be a live-in nanny no problem. This is more geared towards women, as people don’t typically hire men to live in their house to take care of their children. Men tend to work with young children far less than women so this is a great option if you’re a young woman who wants to live in different places and not pay rent. You must have great references and a clean background. People will not trust you to be around their kids unless your background is pristine, you behavior is professional, and your references are glowing. If you have all of that, this option of rent-free living may be for you.


Do you have landscaping experience? Are you a fan of physical labor? This option of possible rent-free living may be for you. Rich individuals typically like to have their laborers on site and don’t like to use different people for security and privacy purposes. This kind of rich is along the lines of owning a multimillion-dollar home on a multi-acre lot. There are other options for groundskeepers though. A historical mansion or preserved location needs upkeep and maintenance this is where you can get a rent-free living with a job in basic solitude. This is a nice option, as you only have to work during standard business hours and respond to emergencies on rare occasions. Public and tax-funded gardens are another option for groundskeepers. These are a basic 9-5 and closed on holidays. A lot of these, however, prefer big maintenance to be done during closed hours so you could be busy during the downtime and off during the standard visiting hours, but if you’re living rent-free, it’s not that big of a deal.

House Sitting

If you’re one that wants to move around a lot, this option is for you. House sitting is more for wealthy clients and they will need someone to take care of their spare houses while they aren’t there. This option is good for anyone that doesn’t have roots put down. You get to live in a nice house rent-free and you’re paid to do it. That’s a dream for young people, especially ones who want to travel and build savings.

You Should Try It

There are numerous options, but they all have requirements to live rent-free. You either have to travel, take a cut in pay, or be qualified to do a certain kind of work. Couchsurfing would work too, but that is so much moving and so frequent the traveling would cost you about what rent would cost.

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