6 Costly Car Options You Don’t Need

There are many decisions to make when you are purchasing a new car. You select the make, model, and color fairly easily but then comes all of the smaller details that can lead you down a path of making dozens of decisions and many of which can be very costly.

After you have selected everything that you believe you really need on your new vehicle, you might be shocked to learn that the cost has now increased by several thousand dollars. Avoiding just a few of these over-priced and not very practical options is a great way to save on cars or trucks.

Dealer Options to Avoid

There are several options that a dealer will try to add to your new car that are really not needed and are very expensive for what you are actually getting. The first is called VIN etching. It is a process that etches the vehicle identification number into the windshield of the car. The dealers claim that this deters criminals from stealing the car and then they charge several hundred dollars for this so-called safety feature. The fact is that it is not really very helpful and if you have your windshield replaced due to a crack, the etched number is gone.

Another option that really provides no proven benefit is a protective paint sealant. This extra also costs several hundred dollars or more and does little to improve the durability of today’s automotive paint. The only thing that a car finish needs to maintain a great shine is regular washes. The final option that dealers are constantly trying to sell to a new car buyer is a corrosion protection coating. They claim that this will provide added protection against rust. What they don’t tell you is that all new cars have a protective coating from the factory and adding any additional coating can void the manufacturer’s rust warranty. In addition, they will ask for well over one thousand dollars for their rust proofing.

Don’t Be Fooled By Run Flats

At first, it might sound like a great idea to buy a tire that can be driven for 50 miles after it is punctured. You picture being stuck on the side of the road trying to change a flat tire in the dark or during a storm and suddenly the run flats sound like a simple necessity. But then you learn that the cost of this innovation could be as much as $150 to $400 per tire. So that adds up to $600 to $1600 for a set of 4. In addition to the added cost, many consumers who have purchase run flat tires are dissatisfied with the bumpier ride and the noise generated by the tires. You will save yourself over $500 by simply stopping at an auto parts store on the way home from the car dealership and buying a can of fix a flat. Throw it in the trunk and know that you will be prepared if you accidentally run over an object that punctures a tire.

A Navigation System is a Pricey Way to Get Directions

Anyone who has used a navigation system when they are driving in an unfamiliar area will attest to how helpful they are. But at a cost of $1,500 to over $3,000, the cost is just too high for the built in feature. If you feel the need to have a navigation system, then consider an aftermarket model such as a Garmin. Not only does this unit cost a fraction of what they charge for the factory installed model, but it is also portable so you can use it in any car that you might be driving. Having a portable model will also save you money when you are traveling and driving a rental car.

You can bring your own and not need to pay extra to use one that belongs to the car rental company. If navigation is something that you don’t use very often, you might also consider just using a navigation app on a smart phone. There are many that can be downloaded for free or just a very small fee in comparison to the cost of either a factory installed or a portable navigation system.

Not So Cheap Entertainment

Any parent will tell you that having a way to entertain children during a long car ride is priceless. But they may really mean that it is important because entertainment for a vehicle is pretty affordable these days. While factory DVD systems can run thousands of dollars, there are many other alternatives that are much more affordable. If you want a system that is designated for use only in a vehicle, then there are a wide array of aftermarket DVD players that you can get for a few hundred dollars. But if you want to be able to use this entertainment device more often than just long driving trips, then consider a tablet for your child. This can be used for entertainment in almost any location including on airplanes, waiting in an airport or even at home. This makes the cost of the tablet even more reasonable as it is a solution for children’s boredom throughout the day.

The Key to Long Term Success

The most important tip you can remember when you are trying to save on cars is to set a budget and stick to it, like getting no inspection title loans online. You can easily calculate how much your budget allows for a car payment each month. With that information you will know which cars you can afford and how many options you can add onto the base price and still stay within your budget. Having a new car offers a great deal of security, like title loans without a job. You know that it is in good working order and is safe to drive.

All you will need to do is complete the regular maintenance and your car will be reliable. So enjoy that benefit and don’t strap yourself into a monthly payment that breaks your budget. Most expensive options are not needed and offer very few benefits for the high cost. Stay within your means and know that fuel and simple maintenance are easily affordable each month because you made smart choices about your extra car options.

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