Safe Ideas for Keeping Your Money at Home

There have been a few times in the history of our country when having your money in a bank was a costly mistake. But in the current economic conditions, it is not a bad idea to have most of your savings in a bank and some of it kept in your home.

Having that stash at home is a great way to have access to cash since most of us rely almost solely on the use of a credit card or debit card. Now you can open up that hidden place and have some cash without a stop at the bank.

And it is also just nice to know that you can have cash in your hand in just a few seconds if you need it. But then the question becomes where a safe place is for money to be kept in your home.

In Plain Sight

There are several companies who understand a consumer’s desire to have a safe place to keep money in their home. And with that in mind, they have created an entire line of “safe places” that can be left in plain sight and will look like everyday objects. The intent is to draw no attention so that an intruder will walk right past your money or other valuables. One of the most common containers that has been adapted is a food storage can. There are dozens of designs and they look just like the packages that you would get at the grocery store. It could be a can of soup, a can of beans or even a cylinder of potato chips. But once it is placed in your pantry, no one would even know that it contained money and not a shelf safe food product. Another standard household item is a wall clock. No one would ever suspect that a functioning clock was also the home of a handful of cash but it could be with the wall clock diversion safe. Just put a battery in it and your money and then hang it on the wall. It is easy for you to access in an emergency but no one will have any idea what is inside. Other common household items include a hairbrush, a stick of deodorant and even a surge protector power strip.

Homemade Ideas

You can spend money on some great in plain sight hiding places for your cash stash or you can invest just a little bit of time and create your own with a few things that you have around the house or that will only cost a dollar or two to make. An old favorite but still a good idea is hiding cash in a book on the bookshelf. If you are an avid reader and have lots of books, no one would think of opening each one to find money. All you need to do is select an old book and cut a hidden compartment out of the center of some of the pages. This allows you to put money or other small objects inside the book and no one but you will know that they are there. It helps to add to the realism if you use an older book that shows some wear like it has been read several times. A few creases on the spine only adds to the believability. If you are not an avid reader or prefer eBooks then a better idea for you could be a false electrical outlet. The box simply mounts in the wall as a regular outlet would but when you remove the cover plate you find nice place to hide cash, valuables or documents. To keep this hiding spot as believable as possible, you will want to look at the other outlet locations in your home and make sure that you are setting the box at the correct height and also that it matches the other outlets in your home. If you need to buy a new outlet box for this project, then trade the new cover plate for one on a functioning outlet to cover your path even more. Be sure not to place it too close to a functional outlet and it can help to place it behind a large piece of furniture.

Make An Investment In Your Safe Spot

If you are not opposed to spending some money to create a safe place for money in your home, then consider some of the high-quality furniture that also offers secret compartments for your valuables. Many of these pieces function like a prop from a detective movie. There is a lever or release point somewhere on the piece which will open the secret compartment. Some offer spaces that are quite large and could hold a box as big as four feet by two feet. Others just have a small section that opens and could hold an envelope of cash. Most are constructed of solid wood and can be ordered in many different finishes to blend in nicely with the furniture that you currently own. Some of the higher end craftsmen will even custom build a piece of you so you can request a specific sized storage area and style of furniture.

What Is Most Important

Having a safe place for money and other valuables in your home is very important. Not only does it offer peace of mind but it is also a nice convenience when you need some cash but don’t want to stop at a bank or ATM. But you need to be sure that you select a creative way to conceal the money so that it is not obvious if someone breaks into your home. You can purchase everyday looking items to hide cash or you can create one yourself. You just need to remember what the item looks like and where you have hidden it in plain sight for the tool to be effective. Where ever you decide to stash some cash, you can be sure that it will be there when you need it and be easy for you to access in an emergency as long as it is in a safe place in your home.

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