6 Steps to Start Making Money Doing What You Love

It is just a fact of life for most of us that we must work for a living. And having a job that you love or at least enjoy makes that fact much more palatable. A study from Deloitte University Press found that over 87% of the American workforce was not working to their fullest potential because they were not passionate about their job.

So as a nation, only 12% of the population is doing a job that they really care about and enjoy. Not only is this bad news for employers who are not getting the most out of their employees but it is also bad news for every person who gets up only to dread the fact that they have to go to work.

It’s just not a good way to spend your life. So if you are ready to change your life and find a way to make money doing what you love then you need to take action.

Find That Thing

You know for sure what you are not passionate about, your current job. But the secret is to find that one thing that you enjoy and excel at. It has to be something that you are passionate about and that you have a natural ability for or an innate gift for. There may be many different things that you enjoy doing or consider to be a hobby but that is not necessarily something that you should turn into a business.

It might even take you some time to discover what your “thing” is but keep searching. This is not a decision to make quickly so that you can abandon the job that you really don’t like. Keep going to that job every day but keep using your spare time to find that one perfect business for you. And once you do determine what your ideal business is, then proceed with step two to begin your journey to earning a living doing something that you love and being one of only 12% of Americans who are that fortunate.

Find Your Market

Now that you know what you are passionate about, it is time to figure out how to market your passion and turn it into a money making opportunity. Some skills will be in great demand while others will not really have a following. You really need to be honest with yourself and be a harsh judge of your potential business. Knowing that there will be very few opportunities to make money could mean that you are setting yourself up for disappointment and financial issues.

It is also important that you learn all that you can about any competition that you will be facing in the market. You don’t want to be discouraged by competition but you want to realistically know what the others offer, how successful their businesses are and what you will need to deliver to your customers to carve out a decent percentage of the market share. Remember, you are betting your livelihood on this and need to be able to make enough to support yourself.

Research Everything

Some of your research depends on the type of business you are starting but other research will be the same for all businesses. Some common info that applies to all businesses would be business license information, trade name and name registration, setting up tax status, how and where you would like to set up your banking and any restrictions in your area for running a business out of your home if that is where you will begin operations.

The more industry specific information that you will want to pursue will include the need for any special training or certification, any special materials or equipment that is needed and where you might be able to find potential employees if you plan on hiring any. In addition, it is always smart to learn all that you can from other small business owners in your industry. Some of their on the job learning experiences could be very helpful to you.

Create a Business Plan

Having a detailed plan from the very beginning ensures that you will be able learn all that you need to and complete all of your tasks in a timely and organized fashion. You will be doing all of this legwork while you are still working at your old job so it is important to be able to complete tasks in a short amount of time and keep good records so that you don’t need to repeat any fact finding sessions.

It is also good to create a budget to determine what you will need to spend to launch your business. This can be a factor that could cause you to delay your launch while you save needed funds. You might even discover that because of the funds required or because of how long you expect it to take to begin earning revenue, that you will run this business part time and work your current job for financial reasons.

Remain Flexible

Not every part of your plan will fall into place right away. You might find that several items on your to do list take longer than expected but this is the foundation for your business and your future.

It is well worth investing the time and effort to complete each task and each step carefully and completely. Learning flexibility early in your entrepreneurial career is important. In business a plan is very important but knowing that a plan can and will change is equally important. Your plan is a general guide but your ability to access a situation and adapt to it will ensure your continued success in business and in life, similar to title loans with no job.

Follow Your Dream

Everyone needs to earn a living and every job has its ups and downs. But finding a job that you love and where you can make money doing what you love is a gift. Take the time to plan your business and grow it carefully even if your plan appears to be foolproof. Knowledge, planning and preparation will ensure that your business is a success and you enjoy every moment that you spend working.

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