5 Low Cost Business Ideas That Work

Lifestyles and the way we look at our jobs are changing very rapidly. In the past, you went to school, graduated and then went out to find a job. Much of the world went to work five days a week and that was just what we thought we were supposed to do.

But the Internet, a more mobile lifestyle and the desire to enjoy work has greatly changed how we view our jobs, what we are willing to do and where we are willing to do it. More and more people are choosing to take a chance, to find a career they love and to have control over their work and home life balance.

It’s still important to earn a decent living but it is also equally important to enjoy your work and to have it blend into your lifestyle instead of work dictating your lifestyle. Selecting one of the following low cost business ideas could be your chance to live the life that you have always dreamed of.Eco-Friendly and Financially Sound

Eco-Friendly and Financially Sound

One choice for a low cost start up business is to provide a desirable service that doesn’t require a lot of tools, equipment or inventory. A great example is a green cleaning business. Your potential client base is large; everyone needs their house cleaned.

And the tools needed for basic home cleaning are fairly limited. In fact, most people have everything that they need because they clean their own homes. In addition, there is only a small cost for cleaning products since you will be making most of them yourself.

There are hundreds of websites that give you step by step instruction and even have videos to teach you how to make environmentally friendly cleaning supplies. Not only is this business a low cost start up but it is also quite trendy.

Once you perfect the products that you feel clean the best, you can add natural fragrance and have a completely custom cleaning package to offer to your customers.

Many environmentally conscious customers might even want to buy cleaning products from you to maintain the eco-friendly shine in their homes between your visits.

low cost busines ideas

Great for a Stay at Home Parent

Looking for a great income but need to be home to care for your children? Selling items online might be the perfect solution for you. Everyone has a pile somewhere in their home of unused or unwanted items. Start out listing those on EBay to learn the process and see what items are in demand and selling quickly. Once you have an idea of the hot ticket items make a list and distribute it to friends, family and neighbors who work and don’t have time to sell items online. Remind clients that they will not only be getting extra cash but also it will be a great way to clean out closets and storage areas to keep the house organized and easy to clean, like after getting title loans with no car inspection. You make a percentage on all of the items you sell and you have no investment other than your time. You can offer to sell the items for 25% of the cost but ask for a higher percentage if you are responsible for packing and shipping the items.

Work from Home on Your Computer

The Internet has made it easier than ever to stay connected to the world without leaving your home. As long as you have a computer, a good internet connection and a phone then you have everything you need to be a virtual assistant.

Tasks could range from answering emails, data entry or managing customer files to making phone calls or writing documents. All you need to do is be available when your client/boss needs you during the day and be able to follow directions and complete tasks. And for a work from home job, the average salary of around $40,000 per year makes this a very lucrative option.

Turn a Hobby into a Business

Do you have a hobby or a talent that sets you apart from others? Maybe you are an amazing artist or you love to write, offer that service to others.

The Internet makes it easier than ever before to market yourself and your skills to others. There are many websites that allow you sell your handmade crafts and art online and job or community boards that let you advertise your service or skill.

You can work from home but the entire world becomes your store. And the best part is that you are doing a job that you enjoy. It might not pay quite as much as some other businesses but having a job you love and a great quality of life can be worth a lot more than money.

Part Time Work but Full-Time Pay

If your schedule is flexible and you like being around children then you might want to explore opening an off hours daycare. This is not a full time regular service daycare but instead one that parents can call for weekend or evening care for their children.

It might be for an event that can be scheduled in advance or it might be a call with no notice if there is a situation that pops up and parents don’t have a regular sitter.

But the reward for your flexibility and spur of the moment work is that the pay rate is much higher. Many services charge an hourly rate but also add a weekend fee, a night fee or a short notice fee on top of the hourly fee. So if you can tolerate the unpredictable schedule there is money to be made operating an off hours child care service.

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Your Choices Are Unlimited

Owning a business gives you the freedom to work and live on the schedule of your choice. Setting your own hours, priorities and earning potential is only part of what you will enjoy about owning and managing a successful business. It doesn’t take a lot of cash to take advantage of any of these low cost business ideas, you just have to decide that you want to invest your time and effort. You will be rewarded with a great work life balance and a successful new career. Need a title loan without job? Contact us today.

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