4 Practical Ways to Save $1,000 by the Summer

Summer is coming and everyone wants to have extra money to have a little bit of fun. But once your bills are paid there doesn’t seem to be anything left to put into your summer fun fund. That doesn’t have to be the case for you this summer or any summer. All you need are a few practical tips to learn how to save 1000 dollars by the summer.

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Save on Items You Really Need

There are many items that you just can’t cut out of your budget. They are necessities and that is just a fact of life but it doesn’t mean that you can’t save money on those items by shopping responsibly and frugally. There are several subcategories within the list of life’s necessities that are great opportunities to save. One area is on over the counter medicine. Every cold medication, pain reliever, vitamin and virtually all over the counter meds have a generic equivalent.

That does not mean a product that is similar or very close, it is identical. The active ingredient is clearly printed on every label so it is very easy to compare to be certain that you are getting the exact same medicine and the exact same benefit but for a fraction of the cost. You will find that some generic substitutes are as much as 60% less than the name brand version.

You will also find that milk, margarine, water, bleach, cleaning products and spices all have generic equivalents that are much more affordable. One of the greatest differences in cost can be found on spices, name brands often cost over 300% more than the same generic spices. Additional saves on necessities can be achieved by committing to using coupons.

Many stores are now offering coupons to their rewards members for items from certain product categories such as cleaning products, dairy or frozen food. These coupons will be honored on any brand or generic products within the given category and offer an even greater savings.

Invest Your Time to Save Money

Everyone has a list of items or chores that need to be completed. It’s very easy to make the excuse of not having the time to tackle these tasks yourself. Paying another person to do them just seems to make sense. But take a moment and add up the cost of paying for a repair or service versus the cost of doing it yourself. Cutting the grass, trimming the bushes or washing the car are all relatively simple and can be an instant savings if you just decide that you are willing to invest a little time.

Twenty five dollars a week for yard care adds up to $100 each month that could go into your savings if you simply a lot an hour each week to do it yourself. A car wash and tip can cost as much as $20 a week. That is a savings of close to another $100 a month by washing the car at home. If you can’t find the time each week for these chores, then consider tackling a few single time projects like painting a room yourself or fixing a leaking faucet or a broken door.

Not a handy person? Spend 30 minutes watching YouTube and see if that makes the project look less intimidating, like when applying for title loans without a job.

Find Cheap or Free Entertainment

Dinner and a movie is an awesome reward for making it through another hectic week of work, but it can easily set you back $100. Streaming movies, a DVD rental or a borrowed movie along with take out or a home cooked meal can provide the same relaxing break from your daily grind but at a fraction of the cost. If you enjoy music and concerts, save the $200 on a ticket to see your favorite band and instead go to a local music festival or free community concert.

If reading is your favorite form of entertainment, then visit the library, or get a title loan without a vehicle inspection. Read all the books you want at no cost. And if you find a book that you can’t put down and know that you will want to read again many time, head to a resale shop and find a used copy for a dollar or two. That is also a great place to find affordable games, movies and music. And this thrifty attitude might even make your entertainment more enjoyable because you are having a great time and saving money to meet your goal of finding out how to save 1000 dollars.

The Many Rewards of a Side Gig

Everyone has talents and skills that can be marketed to others. Some people have a great artistic flair and can paint, draw or sculpt. Other people are just gifted at any craft project that they try. Selling these items is a great way to do something that you enjoy and make a little extra money at the same time.

Maybe you are incredibly organized and can clean a basement or garage for someone in a few hours. If you are a great cook, then preparing a few weekly meals for a busy family could be a perfect side gig for you and a great way for them to enjoy nutritious home cooked meals when they don’t have time to prepare their own.

Whatever your idea is for a side income, the secret is to get that information out to people and let them know about your great product or service. Place flyers at stores, put an ad on craigslist or other community info boards and tell your friends and coworkers your plan. They might be able to hook you up with the perfect client.

An added bonus to doing some side gigs is that you will save additional money on entertainment since you are now occupying time making money and not spending it.

The Bottom Line

Learning how to save 1000 dollars is easier than you might think and it doesn’t have to mean a boring or deprived lifestyle. Implementing a few simple changes in your shopping habits and entertainment can offer you the opportunity to shave a lot off of your monthly budget without completely changing the quality of your life or even really changing it at all.

Making a few repairs or doing simple projects yourself will save you the high cost of a professional and it might even lead you to doing a few side gigs in the future with your new found skills. The biggest step is deciding that you want to make the effort to learn how to save 1000 dollars so that you can enjoy a great summer.

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