5 Tips on How to Get a Car Title Replacement

There are several times when you need to have the title to your car. The first is usually when you go to register your car so that you can get license plates.

Your title is proof of ownership of the vehicle. In some cases, you will also need to be able to produce the title to insure your car.

And when you are ready to sell your car, you will need to have the title so that you can transfer ownership of the car over to the buyer.

But there is another important time that you will need the title to your car; if you need to apply for a title loan. Your car is a great asset that not only gets you around town but it can also help you to secure a loan. But to do that, you will need to actually have the title which might be an issue. A single piece of paper can get misplaced, accidentally damaged or even shredded by mistake. But don’t let that stop you from using the value of your car to secure a title loan. All you need are a few tips on how to get a replacement car title.

Where You Need to Go

In most states it’s pretty simple to get a replacement car title. You will need to locate a Department of Motor Vehicles (DMV) office in your state. That can easily be done with an online search or just go to DMV.org. There you will select your state and you can also print out the form needed to request a replacement car title.

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Information for Completing the Request Form

The applications to request a replacement title vary slightly from state to state but all of them require some basic information. You will need to provide your name and address. Make certain that the address you provide is current as the replacement title will be mailed to you. If the address on the title and your current address do not match then you might need another form to complete the change of address process formally with the DMV. You will also need to provide your driver’s license number.

The specific information about your car that you will need to complete the request can be found on your registration or even on your insurance policy. That information will include the Vehicle Identification Number (VIN), the license plate number, the year make and model of the car and the current odometer reading.

What You Need To Bring

Before you go to the DMV it is also a good idea to research the cost of the replacement title as different states have different fee structures. You will also want to know what types of payment can be used at the DMV. Some offices may only accept checks while others can process credit card or debit card payments. Even if you have completed the application before arriving at the DMV, it is a good idea to bring your registration, driver’s license and proof of insurance with you. In some states, they also require that you have the car at the office so that they can verify the correct VIN number with the metal tag on the dashboard of the car. Sometimes the clerk will want to verify that the other information you provided is correct and accurate before they process the request. They might also ask you to sign the request in their presence before they take payment. And if you have indicated on the application that the original title was damaged, be prepared to return the damaged title with your application for the replacement.

What to Expect After You Request a Replacement Car Title

After you have made a request for a replacement car title, you will need to wait up to 30 days to get the replacement in the mail. Once you receive the replacement title, it is a good idea to make a copy of it for your records but it is very important that you do not damage the original. In an effort to limit fraud, most states will not issue a second replacement car title for an additional 30 days after a request has been made.

Another Option if You Still Owe on the Car

Getting information from a car title for a car you do not yet own outright is a little different process. Until you have completely paid for a car, the dealership holds the actual title and you only get a copy of the memorandum title. If you need a copy of the original title, you can contact the car dealership where you purchased the car and request a photocopy of the title or the specific information that you need.

There are Many Reasons to Learn How to Get a Replacement Car Title

You never know when you are going to need to use a copy of your car title. And in most cases, you need to have access to it quickly. Waiting for a month to get a copy might now meet your needs.

You might need to produce the title to claim your car if it was towed due to an accident or if it is stolen. It will also be an important document to have if you find yourself dealing with a financial emergency and you need to get a title loan.

And nothing would be worse than finding your dream car for sale at a really great price but not being able to trade your current car in because you don’t have the title.

So if you discover that your title is missing or damaged, then it’s a good time to request a replacement. Your car is a means of transportation but it is also an investment.

With a current title, you can make that investment work for you if you need money from a title loan without job or if you just want to sell it. Learning just a few tips about how to get a replacement car title can make the process much less stressful. You can also get title loans with no car inspection. Contact us today.

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