How to Make More Money as an Uber Driver

Ridesharing services have become a very popular way to earn extra cash. Driving for uber is a job that many people are doing in addition to their full time job. It’s a great way to earn some additional income.

But other drivers are finding that it can be a good full time job as well. They are learning how to be a good uber driver and finding out that it can pay very well.

Following a few of their tips will ensure that you are making the most money possible when you drive for uber.

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Patience is Critical

Driving for a living is just like any other new job. It takes time for you to learn the routine and get comfortable with the processes and procedures. Many drivers will work for a day or two and decide that they don’t like the job. But you need to commit to a few weeks on the job before you make that decision. Learning the areas that are in demand and the traffic patterns will make your job much easier and less stressful.

Treat Uber as a Real Job

If you are trying to maximize your earnings then you will need to commit to making an effort and taking advantage of all of the incentives that uber offers. Uber offers guarantees to get its best drivers out on the road. They are normally centered on events such as a convention or sporting event. You need to opt-in when you get the offer and also you must maintain a 90% acceptance rating for the entire week. If you meet all of the criteria for the guarantee then uber will pay you the difference between what you actually made and the rate on the offer. It is an easy way to increase your earnings if you were going to be driving anyway.

Surge Pricing

Surge pricing is uber’s way to get more drivers to an area where there is a large demand from customers. It is a feature that can reduce the amount of time that a passenger must wait for a ride but in return the passenger has agreed to pay a higher than normal rate. It is a good way for uber to manage the supply and demand side of the business and a good opportunity for drivers to earn more money. As a driver, you will begin to see a pattern as to when and where the surges occur and you can plan accordingly to be in that area at the high demand times.

Events = More Money

Ride services have offered the public an alternative to driving to events and spending hours stuck in traffic jams in tiny parking lots or riding a shuttle bus from a remote lot to an event. Event parking prices are normally very high so an uber ride can actually cost less than paying to park at an event and will also save a lot of time. Smart uber drivers will schedule their shifts around large events such as professional and college sports, conventions, trade shows and festivals. Being in the area after these events is a sure way to pick up many return fares. You can also check into any hotels that are offering special packages for an event so that you can be ready to drive passengers to the event as well as back to the hotel after it is over.

Rush Hour Is Your Friend

Many local residents are finding that using uber on a regular basis is a better option than driving themselves during rush hour. Some people find that they can complete more work while riding or that it allows them to make calls and return emails during their commute and adds valuable time to their productivity. Locating large apartment complexes is a great way to be in an area that offers many commuters who could be looking for a ride to and from work. You might also find that you can get to know a few people’s regular schedule and have repeat passengers.

Know You Expenses

Because you are now driving for a living, there are a few expenses that you will need to carefully track to make sure you are making as much as possible working for uber. The first item to track is your mileage. All of your uber miles are tax deductible and that can mean as much as fifty cents a mile for each mile that you drive while working. It might not sound like much in the beginning but it will add up quickly. Be sure that you are keeping complete records such as the date and time that you are driving and the location for the pick-up and the destination so that you have complete records for tax purposes. Another important expense that you are incurring is fuel.

Because you are writing off your mileage, you will not write off the cost of fuel. The mileage write off covers fuel and wear and tear on your vehicle and is a better overall deduction. So you want to purchase fuel as economically as possible.

Using an app on your phone to locate the cheapest gas is a good way to save on every fill up. There is also a special fuel card that is offered to the best uber drivers. It offers different savings options to the drivers. You can contact uber directly to see if you qualify for the fuel savings card. Learning how to be a good uber driver is critical to maximizing your earning potential.

Even if you are only working part time or during local events, using these tips will help you to increase your earning and make the most of your work hours. Spending just a little bit of time to learn about upcoming events will allow you to schedule work days and times that will give you the best earning potential.

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