5 Ways to Double Your Money Every 2 Years

There are numerous ways to make money. Working hard is the good, old-fashioned way that most people prefer to make money.

In this digital age, there are more and more options to make money and you can easily double your money fast.

Doubling your money every 2 years is easy if you’re smart about how you do it.

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Side Hustles

Everyone could use a side hustle. A side hustle is basically a way to make money on the side. Uber has been a popular option because you choose your own schedule, but the toll it takes on your car might not be the best choice for people who want their car to last a long time.

Another side hustle is selling things on eBay and Craigslist. This could double your money quite quickly as a lot of people can buy things on sale and then mark them up bit by bit and they end up making money. There are a few people who make a living just off of eBay selling. Selling antique and vintage things that you don’t want anymore or have no use of can double your money rather quickly.

Take Advantage Of Your Health

There is no reason not to cash in on your health! The health of a young adult can really pay dividends. Selling blood and plasma works for both genders and can increase your income pretty fast. Women can really make a good bit of money by selling their eggs. There are stringent requirements for selling eggs, but it can definitely be a big boost in income for any woman looking for more financial freedom. So, cashing in on your health can be a profitable solution.

Double It From Home

Freelance writing, freelance jobs online, etc. are all options for anyone who wants to make money from home. One of the popular options is survey taking. Internet survey taking can pay money. It’s not a lot of money but if you keep taking surveys you keep making money. That will double your income a bit slower than other options, but any extra money coming into your house is good money. If you like working remotely, this is a way for you to start expanding your budget.

Make Returns

Return your unnecessary items that you don’t use. Video games are a nice luxury and if your console or games just sit there, return them. If you buy something like that and haven’t used it in the first week, take it back. This doesn’t necessarily double your money; this helps you recoup lost money. It will ultimately double your money because that few bucks your spending on something goes back into your account then instead of being negative in that transaction, you’re at zero. Enough zeroes and you will end up doubling what is sitting in the bank.

Gift Cards

People get a lot of gift cards nowadays. You can chalk that up to thoughtlessness or just ease of giving, but people always seem to receive at least one gift card they aren’t going to use. Since that is the case, take advantage of the gift cards you aren’t going to use by selling them. This can double your money easily because each time you sell one; just put that money in savings. Your savings will grow rapidly around birthdays and holidays. This may be one trick you haven’t picked up on how to double your money fast.

Recycle For Cash

Do you want money for your trash? Seems too good to be true, but it isn’t. This way to add to your stash is incredible. Recycling is an easy way to make money depending on what you have in your house. Scrapyards are shelling out money to people who are bringing things like stainless steel, aluminum, and copper. Even old computer equipment can be recycled at businesses that accept old computer parts. Cash for trash is a nice way to double your savings.

Tutor, Train, Teach

Are you proficient at a popular skill? Are you just good at standard schoolwork? Turn that into cash quickly. There are skills that are highly valuable in the real world and if you have it you can turn it into money without getting a job in that field. Can you weld? Train welders so they can take a welding test. Can you design a website? Teach other people how to do it for a small price. Any knowledge you may have is valuable to someone. Even if you have an aversion to teaching, don’t let it stop you from training someone for a little bit of money.

Advertise Your Life

Advertisers and businesses alike pay for spots on TV and radio. Another thing they pay for is real-world advertising. Do you like your tin roof? Advertise it in your yard. Do you like a certain car product? Slap a big decal on your car. You can easily be paid for these by discussing be an advertiser for the company that you would represent. Obviously, they want you to be a pristine example so to advertise car products you’d want to drive intelligently and respectfully. If you were advertising housing products your house and yard would need to be very well maintained.


There are investments that are no risk of very high risk. If you want to make money there needs to be at least some risk. Invest in things that are likely to increase in the near future. One of those recent investments was Bitcoin. You could invest, watch it double or even triple and then sell the Bitcoin. Precious metals are another one that could double your investment quickly in time for you to sell and boost your savings by a lot. Investing in real estate and other things will also pay dividends.

Look For More

There are numerous ways to double your money fast. Don’t let anything derail you from your dream of financial freedom. There is money in everything if you look hard enough. You can even sell a photo you took with your iPhone, you just have to look carefully for ways to double your money. Look for more and you will find more.

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