How to Get Assistance with Paying Your Rent

Everyone experiences difficult financial periods in their life which can feel overwhelming. The thought of being homeless is terrifying and you might not think you have any other options other than to give up your home. But there are many different options and resourced that you can investigate to get assistance with rent and avoiding eviction.

Start with Your Landlord

Often times, it is embarrassing to ask for help paying your rent. But the one person who already knows about your struggle is your landlord. He or she is likely to be very impressed that you are honest about your difficulty and are asking for help to find a solution. No landlord wants to evict a resident but they need to see that the resident is making every effort to pay rent on time and in full. Start by telling your landlord that you are doing everything that you can to come up with the rent money and that you appreciate their kindness for giving you the extra time you need to make the payment. Then ask if there is any way that you could possibly provide a service to the owner or the landlord to reduce the current month’s rent that you owe. There could be small repairs that need to be completed, a vacant apartment might need to be cleaned or painted or the landlord might also need an on-site tenant who would be available to show prospective tenants an apartment that is vacant. Any of these situations would cost you nothing but a little bit of time and would not only reduce you rent but would also demonstrate to the landlord that you are willing to do anything to pay what you owe for your apartment.

A Long Term Solution

Maybe it is not just this month that you are having trouble paying your rent. If your financial situation has changed and it’s difficult to have enough for rent every month then a long term solution is what you need. Looking for a roommate to share expenses will not only lower how much you need for rent but it will also offer you some help on utility bills each month. If you have an extra room and can find a roommate to share all of your expenses, you will find a huge weight lifted off of your shoulders. If space is limited, you might be able to find a person who is only in need of a place to stay for a few days each week or month. Many people commute to a different city weekly or monthly for work and only need a place to stay during the week or for a few days each month. Your roommate would appreciate having a more spacious place to stay and the ability to store a few items and not have to carry luggage and personal items on each trip. And you benefit from the extra money and only sharing your place a few days each week or month. Placing an ad on a local rental board will let everyone know you are looking for a roommate.

A Short Term Loan

If you are unable to pay your rent due to a one-time unexpected expense, then maybe you would be best suited to take out a small personal loan. Many times these loans against cars are called secured loans because you use something that you own as collateral. Real estate, jewelry, vehicles, computers and other electronics can all be used as collateral for your loan; as long as you own the item. The loan process is just like any other loan, you make payments on the principle and the interest until the entire loan is repaid. You can even get a title loan with no job. But if you default on the loan then you lose the item that you used as collateral.

For a single occurrence of being short on rent money, this is a suitable solution to avoid eviction with title loans with no inspection.

Rent Assistance from the Federal Government

The Federal Housing Program offers rent assistance through a program called the Homeless Prevention and Rapid Re-Housing Program. This program is designed to assist families or individuals who have housing or live in an apartment but are facing eviction and could become homeless. The program provides temporary rent money for up to 3 months and also can assist with utility payments.

The funds can also be used for a security deposit or moving assistance to relocate to a more affordable home. In addition, they provide a case manager to each person who receives funds and they also provide additional training and guidance on becoming fully self-sufficient again. Applications for these funds can be obtained from the Salvation Army, Catholic Charities, the public housing authority and your local community action agency.

Phone a Friend

No one wants to admit that they are short on money to pay their rent but pride should never get in the way of having a place to live. Asking a friend or family member for money to assist with your rent payment might be the best option for you. Most family and friends are happy to help out and also they will not charge you interest

You might even find that you know someone who also needs some help and you can exchange your service for a partial repayment of the loan they gave you. The most important thing to remember when borrowing from a family member or a friend is that they are doing you a favor. Be very conscientious about paying the person back the full amount you agreed to repay and in the time frame which you both agreed upon. Borrowed money is never worth ill will or a damaged friendship.

You Have Options

Don’t let pride or fear convince you that you are going to be evicted and that there is nothing you can do to stop the process. There are government and charitable programs to help out when a person or family has fallen on hard financial times. You can also try to work with your landlord to get assistance with rent payments or to extend the time that you have to pay your rent.

But the most important thing to do is to face the issue and find a solution. Ignoring the landlord or hiding from your debt will only make the situation worse. Taking responsibility will not only let you get assistance with rent but it will help gain the respect of your landlord and ensure that you are not evicted from your home.

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