Top Personal Finance Instagram Influencers

Financial acumen is hard to gain, but once you have it mastered, you can share your experience and knowledge very easily with the world. There is a massive movement of putting out self-improvement information on social media. YouTube, Twitter, Facebook, and now Instagram!

The financial influencers across the globe are taking advantage of the ease of social media and now Instagram is the latest product to become a great social media land for businesses.

There are very important financial influencers on Instagram and they can be very easy to find if you know where to look.

Influencer Who Aims Her Product At Women

First, let’s go with @CleverGirlFinance on Instagram. It is simply a personal financial influencer for women. It is specially geared towards women and is headed by Bola Onada Sokunbi. She is a financial educator and uses her expertise to help women eliminate debt and save money. Obviously saving money is very similar across the board, but her clientele gets spoken to about their financial struggles easier than generic financial influencers. In her bio on Instagram, she has a link to her website and she focuses on the primary goals of financial intelligence. Debt is paid off and an emergency fund is saved. It’s one of those things that seem simple but she truly makes it better for her customers with her presence on Instagram. She discusses how to build credit while saving money and paying off debt. It’s incredibly effective and even if you’re a man, you should consider taking her advice.

Influencer Who Pushes Financial Freedom

Another big influencer is Ema Nelskiy and she goes by the name @JustAnotherSeller. She is an eBay seller with a large presence on Instagram and she is a big advocate for entrepreneurship and self-employment. She sells on eBay and that is her job. She typically post inspirational quotes, pictures from her life, and updates on how her income on eBay is growing. Nelskiy runs a Facebook group called EBay Wholesale “Thrifters to Business” and has a YouTube channel. Instagram is more of an extension, but she has a big following and influences a lot of people to follow her path onto financial freedom. She gives advice on selling and reselling to maintain her eBay first approach to financial freedom.

One Of The Biggest In The World

Branden Hampton is a very big financial influencer on Instagram you can find him @money. He is rated #1 by Forbes in marketing and social media and has a massive following. Instagram seems to be more of a personal presence for him, but he certainly pushes what he believes is right when it comes to managing money and growing your financial footprint. His social media is loaded with personal stuff to make him seem more personable, but he sprinkles in his financial know how every so often to keep people clicking on his pages. It’s a brilliant tactic and it helps people not only want and care about his advice, they care about his personal life too.

A Millennial Who Is Making A Difference

Daniel DePiazza is another one. He goes by the handle of @rich20something. He is one of the few millennials that has gained the respect of numerous people in the older generations. He is an entrepreneur and has a very large following on Instagram. He prefers to put inspirational stuff on Instagram as he considers his book his go-to influencer. The book is called Rich 20 Something. It is across bookstores online and brick and mortar location. He tries to inspire people with quotes he’s pulled from historic figures and his own thoughts in order to inspire people to seek financial freedom instead of working an average job they’re unhappy with.

A Longstanding Organization Growing On Instagram

Yahoo Finance is @YahooFinance so it is an easy organization to find. This account is not only for personal finance, it is a big financial influencer for individuals and businesses alike. This account tends to post a lot of videos to help people with their money management skills and they keep a keen eye on the markets. Every so often Yahoo shows its’ clout and post pictures of the Yahoo financial team members in the post with celebrities. Yahoo Finance is a lot like Fox Business, but can cater to personal finance a little easier because it has a smaller viewing audience. The number of followers is very large though so don’t be fooled, this page grows fast. Obviously, they want you to go to their website so they try to use clips that give a little info and it ends up convincing you to go to their website and YouTube page to absorb what else they have to offer.

The Self-Responsibility Trend

The Finance Bar is easy to find @thefinancebar This Instagram account calls itself a personal finance suit. This is the kind of individual financial advice that a lot of people crave. This organization is focused on financial discipline. They want self-responsibility and self-discipline to spread across the globe and they want everyone to pay off their debt. They help develop weekly assignments for their followers and they steer people to their website to show them the kind of programs they can pay for to truly help everyone manage their finances the proper way. They are inspirational but are certainly focused on taking on your finances in a strong way to set yourself up for success in your future.

Frugality In Shopping Also Helps

Dianna Barros also known as @budgetbabe is another one, but she is more of a niche influencer because she tries to help her followers save money while shopping for clothes. Like an intelligent Instagram user who likes to blend her product with herself, she post stuff about herself to make her seem accessible and human. She pushes frugality en masse when it comes to purchasing clothing. This helps free up money for bills and other things that are more important and more expensive than clothes. She encourages putting away money that you save on clothing in a way to grow savings with very little effort.

There are a lot of financial influencers and other influencers on Instagram. They are certainly a growing market and it takes a little bit of searching to make sure you find the influencer that is good for you.

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