5 Simple Web Tools for Budgeting Road Trips

Planning a road trip is a great way to enjoy your summer vacation and not blow your budget. Driving offers a much more affordable way for the whole family or a group of friends to enjoy the trip. And since you are driving, you can customize your route and plan stops at the sights and locations that interest you and your travel companions.

But it’ not always easy to know exactly where you want to go or what attractions might be along the way. The best solution for planning your trip is to use a few great apps that can make planning simple and will allow you to pre-book hotels and attractions to save even more money. Using this group of 5 best road trip planner apps will ensure that you have an amazing vacation but can stay within your budget.

Refueling on Your Road Trip

The first and most important place to find for any road trip is a gas station. And not just one gas station but a string of them that you can hit as you follow your mapped out trip. Everyone knows that buying gas right off of a highway exit ramp can be expensive. Just a mile or two away there could be much more reasonably priced gas, you just need to know where it is.

GasBuddy is the app that can give you all of the info you need about gas station locations and the price of gas. So now there is no more guessing about where the cheapest gas is or if you will be able to make it to the next available gas station. Nothing is worse than making a bad choice and running out of gas during your vacation. Gas Buddy will help you find gas when you need it and at the best price in the area.

Never Get Lost Again!

Part of the fun of a road trip is the adventure and finding new and interesting places and sights. But getting lost quickly sucks all of the joy out of your road trip. Driving around aimlessly is not only a waste of fuel but it is a waste of your precious vacation time. You work all year to get a week to do exactly what you want to do when you want to do it. No one wants to spend that vacation time driving through corn fields in search of an attraction or a way back to the highway. Google Maps is the perfect app to ensure that your time will never be wasted looking for directions. An added bonus is the fact that upcoming traffic, accidents and construction are displayed on the map so you can avoid being stuck in a traffic jam and simply reroute around whatever is holding up everyone else.

Just Find a Place!

Everyone has experienced that time of day when you are just tired and want to get out of the car for the night. Each exit you pass holds an opportunity to find food and lodging, but is it a good opportunity or will it lead you to the worst night’s sleep of your life? You will never know what each exit ramp holds unless you are using iExit.

This app will tell you what services are available at each exit. It tells you which hotels, gas stations and restaurants are at the exit as well as other points of interest. If you have a favorite hotel chain or food chain, you can enter that information and the app will let you know as you are nearing an exit where your favorite place is located.

The Journey is Half the Fun

So you obviously know where you live and you know where you want to end up on your road trip but how do you select the best route to discover the most fun and interesting places along the way? The solution is Roadtrippers. This app asks for your starting point and end point and then provides you will various routes to get you there. But in addition to just mapping your course, it provides you with points of interest along all of the optional routes. Some of the points of interest include museums, offbeat attractions- think world’s largest ball of string, restaurants and camp sites. This app will ensure that getting there is half the fun or maybe even more than half.

Dead Zone… No Problem

Planning a road trip with using apps for navigation is great, until you reach an area that has no coverage. Mountains and deserts are beautiful but also notorious for no signal. Not a good place to get lost. But now you can load offline maps to your phone using Tripso. This app features downloadable maps and travel guides for any location that you select. When you are loading the maps, Tripso will suggest attractions in the area as well as providing the current weather forecast.

Plan Before You Go

Using a combination of a few of the best road trip planner apps or just selecting one best road trip planner app will let you create a customized trip that will be fun for you and all of your travel companions from start to finish.

You will be able to map out each day’s drive and know that you will have access to gas and food throughout the day, similar to title loans with no job. And pre-booking your hotel rooms or campsites will help you to stay on budget for your lodging and maybe even have extra money to spend visiting a few more attractions along the way, especially after no inspection car title loans.

But the best part is that you can all relax and enjoy the trip without worrying about reading a map or trying to follow some crazy printed directions.

These great navigation apps will guide you seamlessly through detours, accidents and traffic jams so that you are not wasting your vacation sitting on the highway. Just a little time planning your route and your stops will make this year’s summer road trip your best vacation yet.

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