Top Bill Pay Apps You Might Find Handy

After the recent issues in the real estate market and the tougher job market, many Americans are discovering that they really need to focus on their finances and work to build better credit and savings for emergencies. This new found financial prowess is both wise and very functional.

Having good credit is the best way to make the most of your money and get the most benefit out of your investments. One way that fiscally responsible consumers are managing their money is through the use of the best bill pay apps available.

And one of the key features that consumers want is the ability to do more than just pay bills, they want to get an overview of their finances each time they use the app.


Mint is a Favorite

Mint is an app that works on both iOS and Android. It provides a comprehensive look at all of your account balances, it updates in real time and it categorizes your transactions for you. It will even alert you when you have gone over budget in an area. It has gotten numerous recommendations and awards for its reliability and speed so you are sure to be happy with how well it works and how quickly it can update your financial information. It also lets you move money from one account to another and create detailed spending reports and forecasts to ensure that you are getting the most information about how and where you are spending your money.

Basic Info and Features

If you are just getting into the world of managing your finances and tracking spending then first, congratulations and second, take a look at Level Money. This is a basic app that works well for a consumer who has an uncomplicated financial situation. Also, the app is free so that makes it even more appealing. Many times, someone with very basic needs is not willing to pay for a personal finance app and with good reason, they don’t get much for the money that they would be forced to spend. But Level Money makes it easy to use a free app to get all of the benefits you want and need. It will get clear down to setting a budget for your spending on a daily basis and will remind you of how much you can save as well. This is a great starter app and it functions on iOS or Android. It will get you accustomed to monitoring your finances and tracking spending before you get into big financial trouble.

PayPal is Still Great

PayPal has been around for a long time but that doesn’t mean that it is outdated. The PayPal app is great if you are familiar with the site and use it frequently. From the app you can manage your entire account, send money, request funds, view transactions and even shop at stores. It is a pretty easy process to get your bills set up to pay with PayPal and then you can access all of those features and tools when you are mobile. This app can be used of a variety of devices including iOS, Android, WindowsPhone and the web.

Not Free But Cheap

BillTracker is an app that is not free but it is very affordable for the features that it offers. At $2.99 it is probably cheaper than most games and movies that you have recently purchased. It has a simple yet very clear calendar style that lets you plan ahead and see what bills are coming due. In addition, it sets up reminders for you so you don’t need to worry that you will forget to check the app and miss paying a bill. It offers an export feature that allows you to combine this with your computer to have all of your financial information available on a mobile device or a computer. For the cost, it is simple to operate but very functional.

Track Bills Like A Pro

Bill Keeper Pro is very affordable at just $1.99. It allows you to view your finances in pie charts, graphs or lists to be sure that you are in full control of where your money is going each month. It reminds you when your bills are due and which day you need to send the payments to be sure that you are paying on time. This platform has no limit on the number of bills or accounts that you can set up and it also allows you to pay bills in full or to make partial payments.

An App For the Group

HomeBudget Lite is a free app that fills a unique space in the personal finance world. This is an app based on expense and income information for a group, such as a household of renters or a family. This app can be installed on multiple devices and will sync up to keep everyone informed of the current financial situation, like title loans without a job. This can be a great way to share information if you have roommates who are equally responsible for paying bills or to keep all of the family members informed of the month bill status. You can choose the format of charts and graphs to present your information and ensure that you will always know at just a glance what your financial position is.

Pick What Works For You

In the end, having financial information at your fingertips is great. It can help you to make better decisions about what you can or cannot afford. It can also help you to learn to live within a budget by tracking your spending down to the day. With all of that information available, you will quickly begin to understand which parts of your budget are working and which ones are not. You just need to spend some time to investigate the best bill pay apps and find one that meets your needs and works well with your spending habits and comfort level with technology. Picking the right app is the best way to ensure that you remain in control of your budget.

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